miercuri, 22 septembrie 2010


Publicat de Haine accesibile Online la 10:40

Stare: noi
Masura: M
Brand: Jeniffer
Pret: 75 Ron-45 Ron Pret nou 35

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Anonim spunea...

Oh Alexandra, Thank you so much I did see the post about myself here and I was so touched. Thank you.

As for this photo what can I say, I am always speechless by your stylish and photos. So there you go . Gorgeous as always.

Love from Toronto, Canada

dennicapearl spunea...

the paints look tailored to perfection.

beautiful outfit.

im a new follower :D
i hope my blog inspires you to follow back ;]

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

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